Do Ratings Cut Both Ways? Impact of Bilateral Ratings on Platforms

Working Papers

Bilateral rating systems impact pricing and capacity in two-sided markets. The bilateral rating mechanisms will enable customers to maintain and care for shared services, through reputational mechanisms, increasing social welfare. Read More

The Store is Dead — Long Live the Store

Published Research

Offline demise and offline renaissance is the paradox of new retail writ large. Swiss multinational financial services company Credit Suisse projects that by the time the numbers are in, more than 8,500 stores in the United States will have closed in 2017.Read More

Which Industries are Served by Online Markets for Technology?

Published Research

This study investigates a recent phenomenon in the market for technology: online marketplaces for technological inventions, which support the listing, search, and exchange of technological inventions by sellers and buyers. Focusing on three salient theoretical factors that affect markets for technology—search costs, ambiguity about the underlying knowledge and its applications, and expropriation concerns—our research systematically explores which industries are served by online marketplaces.Read More

How to Win in an Omni-channel World

Published Research

Retail customers are now “omnichannel” in their outlook and behavior — they use both online and offline retail channels readily. To thrive in this new environment, retailers of all types should reexamine their strategies for delivering information and products to customers.Read More

Location Is (Still) Everything: The Surprising Influence of the Real World on How We Search, Shop, and Sell in the Virtual One 

Published Research

Conventional wisdom holds that the internet makes the world flat and reduces friction by erasing the impact of the physical world on our buying habits. But Wharton professor David Bell argues that the way we use the internet is still largely shaped by the physical world we inhabit.Read More