Sizing Up Entrepreneurial Potential: Gender Differences in Communication and Investor Perceptions of Long-Term Growth and Scalability

Published Research

Across three studies, we examine how disparities in funding outcomes may be due to differences in how entrepreneurs communicate their ventures, whereby female entrepreneurs have a tendency to use more concrete language when describing their ventures than do their male counterparts.Read More

Who Benefits from Having a Partner? Intrinsic Motivation, Partnership Decisions, and the Chance of Becoming a Profitable Firm

Working Papers

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial firms are often the drivers of innovation, and success for entrepreneurial firms often means development and introduction of innovative products and services. This project examines the role that having a partner plays in early-stage entrepreneurial firm performance.Read More

Watershed Moments, Cognitive Discontinuities, and Entrepreneurial Entry: The Case of New Space

Working Papers

In this paper, we explore how an industry’s watershed moments – vivid, publically salient, emotionally resonant events – can drive the emergence of a new market. Our empirical context is the New Space market, a growing number of new, private companies developing and using spaceflight-access technologies. Read More

Gender Differences in Communication and Investor Perceptions of Entrepreneurship Potential

Working Papers

Entrepreneurial start-up ventures are a major contributor to innovation and job creation in the U.S.  One critical task that entrepreneurs face is finding investors who are willing to provide the funding and resources that will allow the business to survive.Read More