Generic Competition and Strategic Delegation: An Empirical Study in Drug Patent Licensing

Funded Research Proposal

We plan to study the role of strategic delegation in the patent licensing process. In particular, we will examine the contractual terms of a large database of pharmaceutical drug license arrangements (royalty rates, contingencies, royalty bases, etc…), as well as which contractual terms were redacted versus non-redacted.Read More

Co-opetition and the Firm’s Information Environment

Working Papers

Some firms in the technology sector choose to cooperate with competitors (“co-opetition”) in Standards Setting Organizations (SSOs). These SSOs create technology standards that facilitate rapid market penetration of new technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Blue-Ray. Read More

External Verifiability of Accounting Information and Intangible Asset Transactions

Working Papers

Firms commonly use disaggregated accounting information to facilitate efficient contracting over intangible assets. However, reliance on accounting measures creates information asymmetries and thus a role for contract audits.Read More