The Peril of Pay Variability: Determinants of Worker Aversion to Variable Compensation in Lower-Wage Jobs

Working Papers

Uber. Upwork. TaskRabbit. The world of work is transforming and my research agenda attempts to identify and explain 1) how work is changing and 2) how these changes affect workers, especially those who are marginalized or vulnerable.Read More

Living from Paycheck to Paycheck: The Implications of Paycheck Dispersion for Gig Economy Workers

Funded Research Proposal

Despite the prevalence of paycheck dispersion, defined as fluctuations in the amount of pay they receive in return for their labor from paycheck to paycheck, in contemporary employment relationships, we know relatively little about its consequences for organizations.Read More

Behavioral and Operational Lens into Managing Flexible Workforce

Funded Research Proposal

On-demand or gig economy has been growing dramatically in the past decade and is starting to become an everyday feature of modern society. Although independent contractors have been around for centuries, recent technologies allow workers to quickly connect with customers online and create new work arrangements. Read More

The Impact of Economic and Behavioral Drivers on Gig Economy Workers

Funded Research Proposal

In today’s ever-expanding “gig economy”, independent workers can freely choose when to work as well as seamlessly switch between multiple platforms that offer different incentives. Once a small minority of low-skilled workers with relatively low income, the gig economy now attracts high-skilled workers who are opting to join a flexible workforce. Read More