Does Unlimited Vacation Benefit Firms? An Examination of How and When

Working Papers

This paper addresses the recent trend of offering unlimited vacation to employees. While potentially useful for acquiring human capital benefits, unlimited vacation is a risky perk for firms due to the possibility of abuse.Read More

Gender Differences in Founder’s HR Strategy and What Works When? Evidence from New Ventures in Innovation Industries

Funded Research Proposal

This project examines gender differences in founder’s human resource (HR) strategy and how such differences impact business outcomes, focusing on nascent ventures in high-tech innovative industries.Read More

Inequality Aversion When the Reward is Scarce: The Case of Salary vs. Equity Compensation

Working Papers

Do workers have different equality preferences depending on the type of payoff? In many firms, the distribution of equity compensation is more equal than the distribution of salary. We design an experimental group production game to examine how workers respond to combinations of different distributions of equity and salary.Read More