The Impact of Funding Sources on the Rate and Direction of Academic Biomedical Innovation

Funded Research Proposal

Given the large and growing role of academic entrepreneurs and inventors via patents, start-up development, and university-industry relationships, understanding how funding sources may impact academic scientists’ incentives is a crucial area for innovation research, particularly in the biomedical sciences. Read More

Work Context Specialization, Individual Experience Diversity and Corporate Venturing in a Large and Established Firm

Working Papers

Common wisdom holds that the high degree of specialization among individuals and work groups in large and mature firms enhances operational efficiency but stifles individuals’ entrepreneurial initiatives. Yet it remains unclear how individuals could navigate in such work contexts to develop their own entrepreneurial initiatives.Read More

Bounding an emerging technology: Para-scientific media and the Drexler-Smalley debate about nanotechnology

Published Research

‘Nanotechnology’ is often touted as a significant emerging technological field. However, determining what nanotechnology means, whose research counts as nanotechnology, and who gets to speak on behalf of nanotechnology is a highly political process involving constant negotiation with significant implications for funding, legislation, and citizen support.Read More