Corporate VCs Yield Better Innovation Outcomes

Recent research by Senior Fellow Gary Dushnitsky measures the innovation success of new biotech ventures by tracking their patenting and publishing rates. He and coauthor Elisa Alvarez-Garrido find that the identity of the investor makes a big difference.Read More

Are Entrepreneurial Ventures’ Innovation Rates Sensitive to Investor Complementary Assets?

Published Research

Entrepreneurial ventures are a key source of innovation. Nowadays, ventures are backed by a wide array of investors whose complementary asset profiles differ significantly. We therefore assert that entrepreneurial ventures can no longer be studied as a homogeneous group.Read More

Publications and Patents in Corporate Venture–Backed Biotech

Published Research

Biotech startups increasingly turn to corporate venture capital (VC) arms for funding, rather than to traditional venture capitalists. The innovation implications for these startups remain unexplored. Here, we present evidence that the shift in funding patterns is associated with a greater output of scientific publications as well as patenting.Read More

Venture Performance, VC Experience, and Global Financial Markets

Working Papers

Even though it is well understood that the success of entrepreneurial ventures depends to a great extent on their interorganizational relationships, the role of the external environment in which these relationships unfold remains relatively unexplored. In contrast, resource-dependence theory regards the environment as a major factor in the degree to which external resources contribute to firm performance.Read More

Overcoming Regulatory Hurdles: A Global Analysis of Venture Innovativeness and VC Experience

Working Papers

There is empirical evidence that Venture capital (VC) firms foster innovation in the U.S. As a result, many foreign governments have provided incentives to VC investments in the hope that this will translate into venture innovation. Yet, we know less about the effect of VCs on innovation abroad.Read More

Corporate-Backed Biotech Startups: Exploring the Innovation Implications

Working Papers

Biotech startups increasingly turn to Corporate VC arms for capital, rather than financially-oriented VCs. The innovation implications for these startups remain unexplored. We present evidence that the shift in funding patterns is associated with greater academic publications as well as patenting output.Read More