Competition, cooperation, and evolution in alliance networks

Funded Research Proposal

1) We examine the evolution of alliance networks by predicting ties and structure in the chemical and semiconductor industries. We compare our results to historical studies to determine how industry, timeframe, and method affect findings. 2) We explore the relationship between alliance networks and the locus of technological development which focuses on the standards-setting context.Read More

The Evolution of Alliance Portfolios: The Case of Unisys

Published Research

How do alliance portfolios evolve? We develop grounded theory based on Unisys’ case, which reveals how exogenous technological changes at the industry level and shifts in a firm’s strategy shape the composition of partners and the nature of alliance relationships.Read More

Analyzing Knowledge Communities Using Foreground and Background Clusters

Published Research

Insight into the growth (or shrinkage) of “knowledge communities” of authors that build on each other’s work can be gained by studying the evolution over time of clusters of documents. We cluster documents based on the documents they cite in common using the Streemer clustering method, which finds cohesive foreground clusters (the knowledge communities) embedded in a diffuse background.Read More