Are ETFs better than Mutual Funds?

Working Papers

I study investors’ trade-off between ETFs and open-ended mutual funds in the presence of idiosyncratic liquidity risk and aggregate uncertainty. Based on a portfolio choice model, I show that ETFs and mutual funds provide liquidity at different maturities.Read More

A Swing and a Hit: Optimal Disclosure Policy for Swing Pricing in Mutual Funds

Funded Research Proposal

What is the optimal disclosure policy for swing pricing by open-end mutual funds? Specifically, which disclosure rule, with respect to the swing factor and – thresholds, minimizes run risk in open-end mutual funds? Does the disclosure policy rule that is optimal from a financial stability perspective also preclude the possibility of front running by fund investors? Answering this question will likely also require a model of the optimal swing factor. By addressing this critical gap in the literature, my research aims to contribute to inform policy decisions regarding the proposed SEC rule.Read More

Opportunities and Risks in Decentralized Lending

Funded Research Proposal

Currently, the amount of outstanding loans on the top 3 decentralized lending platforms are over $15 billion – this reflects phenomenal growth, as the space was nonexistent five years ago. What is decentralized lending? And what are the opportunities and risks associated with it?Read More