Complementary Assets as Pipes and Prisms: Innovation Incentives and Trajectory Choices

Published Research

The issue of the failure of incumbent firms in the face of radical technical change has been a central question in the technology strategy domain for some time. We add to prior contributions by highlighting the role a firm’s existing set of complementary assets have in influencing its investment in alternative technological trajectories.Read More

Organizational Constraints to Adaptation: Intra-Firm Asymmetry in the Locus of Coordination

Working Papers

We investigate the role of internal interdependence in influencing the ability of firms to adapt following an industry-wide shock. Focusing on the organizational drivers of heterogeneity in post-shock adaptation ability, we propose that variance in the pre-shock nature of interdependence between a firm’s upstream production and downstream commercialization activities can explain how and why the firm is more or less successful in adapting to sudden external change.Read More