Looking Ahead: Spring Conference 2014

Wharton San FranciscoWith the memories of a frigid East Coast winter still fresh in our minds, we at the Mack Institute are looking forward to our now-traditional foray out to sunny California for our West Coast conference on June 10, 2014. This is our second year hosting the annual Spring Conference at the Wharton School’s beautiful San Francisco campus.

The invitation-only event will focus on a challenge any firm should be happy to face: Once it has matured beyond the gawky start-up years and emerged as a fully-fledged, successful company, how should it adapt its business practices to ensure that it stays on top? Panelists from the Wharton School and from firms such as Netflix, Google, and Amazon will discuss proactive innovation strategies from a human resources, organizational, and policy perspective. Chunka Mui, Managing Director of the Devil’s Advocate Group, will provide the keynote.

Like most Mack Institute events, the conference will be highly interactive. Industry leaders from our corporate partner firms, as well as guests from firms like AbbVie, eBay, and Panasonic, will have opportunities to break into small groups and discuss challenges and proven strategies with cross-disciplinary peers.

“We’re excited to bring together attendees from across industries and geographical boundaries,” says Executive Director Saikat Chaudhuri. “The broad variety of perspectives will offer unique opportunities for knowledge sharing. Newer Silicon Valley firms can give insights into how to remain agile in fast-moving, emerging markets, whereas companies operating in long-established industries provide examples of organizational structures and processes that have allowed them to survive disruption in the long term.”

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