Amid TikTok Ban Threats, Saikat Chaudhuri Comments on U.S. Policy

TikTok on phoneAmid evolving investment proposals and threats to ban TikTok, the social media app, in the U.S., Mack Institute Executive Director Saikat Chaudhuri shared with two international business publications — the Financial Times and Asahi Shimbun — his insights into the intersection of government policy with business affairs, M&A transactions, and the role of the U.S. as a beacon of innovation.

A key takeaway, according to Chaudhuri: “The role of government can be to frame policy but business affairs should be left to businesses.”

He told Asahi Shimbun (paywalled; Japanese): “The reputation of the U.S. and its success as a driver of technology and innovation could be affected … . If you look at all the leading technology companies that have come out and disrupted industries in recent times … [that has] been facilitated by the open nature, the free market nature of the U.S. system.”

Further, Chaudhuri noted, “M&A transaction outcomes should best be left to companies to battle out among themselves.”

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