Leveraging Mobile Based Social Networks to Promote Culture of Innovation in Organizations

By Bikash Behera

The nature, speed and process of innovation are undergoing radical change in recent years due to radical technology innovations that have transformed how people communicate and collaborate. The two key innovations in recent years are mobile technology and social networking. The mobile technology in the form of mobile smart phones, mobile smart pads, smart wearable equipments, etc. have transformed how humans interact with technology and with each other.  On the other hand, social networking has transformed how people collaborate, communicate and create value. These two technology breakthroughs have major implications on how organizations manage and extend their innovation process.

This research paper analyzes the nature of innovation and how we can leverage mobile computing and social networking to create innovation value. It employs “Scenario Planning” as the core methodology.  It defines the central issue, identifies key stakeholders, enumerates the main forces, outlines the important trends and subsequently identifies key uncertainties that have potential to impact its successful adoption. It uses the two most important uncertainties for scenario planning and detailed research.

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