Learning From the Collective Impact Dissertation Workshop: A Student’s Perspective

Christopher Bruno (Guest Author) Deciding to “take on more work” as a PhD student.  Last year, I had the pleasure to participate in the inaugural Collective Impact dissertation workshop offered by this salon [Learn more here]. Initially I hesitated to show interest because it sounded like “more work” on topRead More

Impact, Attention & The Division of Labor

by Tim Simcoe (Guest Author) This post is in response to Olav Sorenson’s Want Your Research To Have Impact? Consider These Three Questions. In an earlier contribution to this salon, Olav Sorenson proposed that “impactful” research provides a basis for believing that a feasible action will produce meaningful change inRead More

What is Collective Impact, Really?

by Anita McGahan To answer, “what is collective impact, really?,” first begs the question, “How do we have impact in the field of management and organizations?,” which then raises, “How does that impact emerge collectively?”   Our Collective Impact conversations got me thinking about both. So how do we have impact?  Read More

Seize the Opportunity to Research the Collective Impact of ESG Factors

by Witold Henisz (Guest Author) For many years, despite increasing globalization of the economy and business education, doctoral students and junior scholars were advised not to study international topics or international samples. Why? Because such studies were perceived to have poor quality or suspect data and reviewers and editors wereRead More