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Examining Effects of Company Pages on Job Ad Effectiveness

Funded Research Proposal

In this study, we aim to quantify the impact of information provision on jobseeker attention and applications. We explore how firms may improve job ad effectiveness through obtaining and maintaining a “company page” on an online job search platform. We study the implications of these firm actions on job ad performance and for jobseekers’ search. ...Read More

Algorithmic Governance: The Case of Decentralized Exchanges on Blockchains

Funded Research Proposal

This project studies how algorithmic governance affect economic coordination in the context of blockchain-based organizations. Specifically, the project studies the algorithmic governance structures adopted among decentralized exchange protocols deployed on blockchains. The project documents and develops frameworks to understand variation in the kinds of structures adopted. In addition, the project examines how the adoption of ...Read More

Cash or Equity? Employees’ Compensation and the Gender of the Startup Founder

Funded Research Proposal

We extend recent studies on how gender shapes subordinate-supervisor interactions by documenting that employees may, under some conditions, negatively stereotype female supervisors in ways that make them more risk averse when choosing the form of compensation. we use employer-employee matched data from Sweden for the period 1991-2021 to assess whether an employee’s chosen compensation in ...Read More

Quality in the Generic Pharmaceutical Market

Funded Research Proposal

Asymmetric information about quality characterizes many important markets, including in healthcare, banking, real estate, and used goods. Without intervention, quality in these markets can easily deteriorate. Vertical intermediaries, such as distributors and retailers, may play a powerful role in disciplining quality when consumers are difficult to inform. I study the effects of informed intermediaries on ...Read More

Opportunities and Risks in Belief Distribution Elicitations

Funded Research Proposal

Researchers and practitioners have increasingly embraced the novel practice of eliciting the entire belief distributions, as it provides a more thorough understanding of stakeholders’ beliefs. My recent paper (co-authored with Professor Joe Simmons) suggests that constructing belief distributions can sometimes inadvertently exacerbate people’s overconfidence in their predictions. Read More

Learning by Monitoring: The Impact of Monitoring on VC Re-Investment Performance

Funded Research Proposal

This project aims to investigate the impact of monitoring on VC reinvestment performance. Using novel data sources, I construct a proxy for monitoring and test the causal relationship between monitoring and investment outcomes. To address the endogeneity issue regarding monitoring, I use the traveling population as an instrumental variable for VC’s monitoring intensity. Read More

Leveraging Analytics to Maximize Innovation

Funded Research Proposal

Academics and practitioners will log onto an intuitive user interface and type in features of their own company (e.g., its size and industry). They will immediately be greeted with an “instant meta-analysis” that summarizes decades of academic findings related to the most important predictors of creativity and innovation in organizations. Read More

Decision-Aware Learning for Global Health Supply Chains

Funded Research Proposal

Tsai-Hsuan (Angel) Chung, Phd Candidate at the Wharton School; Osbert Bastani, Penn School of Engineering; Francis Smart, PhD Candidate at the University of Montana; Jatu Abdulai*; Patrick Bayoh*; Musa Komeh*; Vahid Rostami* Abstract: This proposal aims to develop and deploy novel methods that integrate machine learning and optimization to improve the efficiency and equity of global ...Read More

Differentiation in Microenterprise: A Field Experiment in Zimbabwe

Funded Research Proposal

In explaining variation in productivity in microenterprise, research has focused primarily on the adoption of effective business practices and access to capital, with little focus on strategic positioning. In archival evidence, we find that offering a differentiated product or service is strongly correlated with firm performance. Using a combined sample of nearly 10,000 microenterprises across ...Read More

The Impact of Healthcare Price Transparency Rules

Funded Research Proposal

The US government recently required healthcare price transparency from hospitals and insurers in an attempt to control spiraling healthcare costs. On the one hand, price transparency and online search tools have been very effective in increasing competition for other products in the e-commerce space. On the other hand, healthcare is a complex product, often bought ...Read More

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