Mack Institute to Explore Supply Chain Issues and Innovations at Spring Conference

In recent years, events like the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukraine war, and U.S. tensions with China have dramatically impacted global supply chains, drawing attention to their vulnerabilities and calling into question the widespread industry practice of prioritizing supply chain efficiency over resilience and crisis preparation.

As firms continue to weather shocks and volatility, there has been increased interest in evaluating and understanding the risks and opportunities around supply chain issues. The Mack Institute’s Spring 2023 Conference, Creative Disruption? Innovations in Supply Chain Management, will bring together industry representatives with Wharton faculty experts to explore the following themes:

  • The Efficiency/Resilience Tradeoff in Supply Chain Management
  • Forecasting, Repairing, and Preventing Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Supply Chain Location Alternatives

Questions discussed will include: How have global supply chains been evolving since the start of the pandemic? What has been happening to just-in-time delivery, long-term buyer-supplier relationships, and global sourcing, the most significant innovations in supply chain management of the 20th century? Since high uncertainty is conducive to innovation, have new supply chain models been emerging? How are digital and other technologies shaping supply chain innovations?

In addition to presentations, the conference will also feature interactive thought exercises, brainstorming and discussion sessions, designed to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaborative problem-solving.

This event is open to members of our Industry Partners Network only. Interested in learning more about the benefits of membership? Contact us here.