Announcing Collective Impact, A “Virtual Salon” For Management Scholars

The Mack Institute is pleased to announce the launch of Collective Impact Virtual Salon, an initiative of Wharton Management Professors Lori Rosenkopf and Dan Levinthal. 

Collective Impact is a knowledge-sharing and blogging initiative inspired by a series of faculty discussion groups convened by Rosenkopf and Levinthal during the pandemic. Collective Impact brings together top management scholars for open, informal discussion about how their research can be made more impactful for students, business practitioners and policy-makers. 

 “As management scholars, we recognize that our individual and collective research trajectories are strongly shaped by evaluation processes at our universities and our journals,” Rosenkopf wrote. “[This] means any progress toward greater impact would require systemic change among disconnected actors – a social movement of sorts.” 

Collective Impact Virtual Salon’s first output is a series of articles representing the participants’ unique perspectives on policies and practices that are likely to increase the impact of management research. The posts’ common thread is the need for disruptive innovations in the ways we conceive, conduct, evaluate, and promote management research. The Mack Institute is committed to supporting the Salon in this endeavor and invites management researchers and practitioners to engage with the Salon’s participants by sharing their feedback and ideas in the comment sections.

In other words, Collective Impact is a community endeavor—please read and comment!