In Consumer Services, What Happens “When Things Go Wrong”?

Christian Terwiesch
Mack Institute Co-director Christian Terwiesch

Customers often face frustrating service experiences, from long lines to grumpy employees. However, what do these frustrations look like from the lens of service providers? Hosted by Mack Institute Co-Director and Professor of Operations and Information Management Christian Terwiesch and Professor of Operations and Information Management Marshall Fisher, the show “When Things Go Wrong” on Sirius XM’s Wharton Business Radio (Channel 111) taps into the behind-the-scenes operations of service providers by connecting caller experiences with the knowledge of industry experts. The show aims to inform consumers while simultaneously breaking down industry best practices from a service management perspective.

Each episode analyzes a different industry while bringing in an industry expert to provide insight. The first episode, which aired on February 27, focuses on things that often go wrong when flying, such as delayed and cancelled flights–a particularly relevant topic given the harsh winter weather seen in previous months. Show guest Bob Crandall, former President and CEO of American Airlines, provided answers and explanations to common airport and airline mishaps. For example, one caller expressed his confusion at why most airlines use only one hatch while boarding the plane, a process that seemingly lengthens the boarding process.

The premise of “When Things Go Wrong” underlies the growing importance of consumer satisfaction and engagement. By bringing in both industry experts and consumer callers, it demystifies various industry operations for consumers while providing these industries with a venue to further analyze and better their consumer experiences. The show successfully connects Operations and Information Management–a seemingly complicated field of number crunching and Excel models–to the common consumer.

Check out what happens “When Things Go Wrong,” live on Sirius XM’s Wharton Business Radio (Channel 111) on Thursdays at 4 PM Eastern.