20 Leading Thinkers Reflect on Hyperconnectivity

In April 2012, the Mack Center invited journalist David Spark to interview 20 leading scholars and industry figures on the implications of hyperconnectivity on business and daily life, as part of our day-long workshop After Broadband: Imagining Hyperconnected Futures.  Their insights are recorded in 10-minute videos, freely accessible via the Mack Center’s After Broadband vimeo channel.

Spark recently posted about his experience in the article 20 Brilliant Minds on the Future of Hyperconnectivity.

After Broadband: Imagining Hyperconnected Futures was organized by Kevin Werbach, a Wharton School professor of legal studies and business ethics, and Mike Liebhold and Richard Adler of the Institute for the Future. To find out more about Mack Center conferences, visit our events page.