Dynamic Exchange of Ideas at Wharton Technology and Innovation Conference 2013

Wharton Technology Conference dinner at XIX

On Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April, the Mack Center hosted the Wharton Technology and Innovation Conference 2013, organized by Saikat Chaudhuri and Rahul Kapoor. The conference, which brought together a dynamic group of international scholars, featured panels led by Shane Greenstein (Northwestern), Karl Ulrich (Wharton), David Hsu (Wharton), AnilRead More

Wharton Technology and Innovation Conference Achieves Record Number of Submissions

Co-sponsored by the Mack Center, the 13th Annual Wharton Technology and Innovation Conference has received double the number of applicants in comparison to last year, a remarkably high paper submission rate that promises a diverse and exciting program of cutting edge research in managing and commercializing innovation. The 2013 conferenceRead More

Wharton Technology Conference 2011

The 11th Annual Wharton Technology Conference was held on April 22-23, 2011. A special feature of this year’s conference was a panel discussion on technological change and industry evolution – with Sid Winter, Phil Anderson, and Rebecca Henderson. Anita McGahan, Lori Rosenkopf, Jackson Nickerson, Dan Levinthal, and Michael Lenox served as discussants. Darwin andRead More