Do or die: Competitive effects and Red Queen dynamics in the product survival race

This study explores the reciprocal relationship between the nature and duration of competition, and innovation outcomes. We propose that the perpetually driven, reciprocal sequence of competitive action and reaction known as the “Red Queen” in evolutionary biology is a cardinal force behind the success of innovations.Read More

Enter the Disrupters: How New Law Firm Rivals are Disrupting the Market for High-end Legal Services in the U.S.

MBA Research Fellowship paper

The U.S. legal industry, a nearly $300 billion industry and one of the most profitable in the world, is experiencing fundamental change that is accelerating the need for top law firms to innovate. Relatively flat market demand for the corporate legal services of top law firms has many firms focused on “stealing” market share from competitor law firms and trying to move further up market to preserve high profit margins.Read More