Y-Prize 2022-23 Finalists Announced

Congratulations to the four student teams chosen as finalists for this year’s Y-Prize competition: AtrioFlow, Bubble, Equimeter, and VoluVision!

The Y-Prize competition challenges students to build their entrepreneurial skills by creating business plans for technologies invented at Penn Engineering. The team with the best commercial application wins $10,000 to help make their idea a reality.

Our finalists will now proceed to the next phase of the competition, where they will pitch their business plan to a panel of judges at our Grand Finale event on February 6th.

Learn more about our finalists and their business plans below.


Kimberly Liang (M&T), Jungmin Dan Shinn (SEAS), Junzhi Xie (VIPER), Alvin Xu (Vagelos LSM)

AtrioFlow is a healthcare technology that uses physics-based AI to produce 3D maps of the heart, which will massively improve cardiac surgery outcomes.


William Guo (Wharton), Benjamin Shi (Huntsman Program), Ankita Shrivastava (Wharton), Lukas Van Koch (VIPER), Kyle Zhang (M&T) 

Bubble implements solar-powered drones to predict climate and weather further in advance than previously possible, utilizing data on gravitational waves.


Ujjayi Pamidigantam (Vagelos LSM), Parthiv Patel (Vagelos LSM), Advait Thaploo (Vagelos LSM)

Equimeter utilizes the PDE of Beer-Lambert’s Law as a physical constraint for current pulse oximeters in order to better address racial discrepancies.


Benjamin Chan (SEAS), Joy Gong (College of Arts & Sciences), Rohana Gullapalli (College of Arts and Sciences), Gavin Hart (LPS), Lavanya Neti (Wharton), Tarunyaa Sivakumar (SEAS)

VoluVision is creating a full-color volumetric display based on photophoretic levitation of micrometer-scale polymer films with payloads of LEDs, powered by a spatial light modulator. This technology has the potential to revolutionize medical visualization, which improves diagnostics and surgical outcomes.

The Y-Prize is cosponsored by the Mack Institute, Penn Engineering, Venture Lab, and the Penn Center for Innovation. Learn more here.