Sidney Winter Receives 2015 Global Award for Entrepreneurial Research

The Mack Institute is proud to announce that core team member Sidney G. Winter is the 2015 recipient of the Global Award for Entrepreneurial Research. Winter, the Wharton School’s Deloitte and Touche Emeritus Professor of Management, was selected based on his empirical understanding of dynamic competition, generation of differential technological opportunities, and the mechanisms driving dynamic capabilities in firms.

Winter was awarded a prize sum of €100,000 as well as a statuette created by Swedish sculptor Carl Milles.

The prize was awarded by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, and the donor, Melker Shörling. Founded in 1996, the award recognizes outstanding scientific achievement and aims to highlight, promote, and diffuse research in entrepreneurship and small business among scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and those involved in small business development.

At the Mack Institute, Winter’s research focuses on competitive advantage, technological change, and firm capabilities.