Emerging Scholars Workshop: Recap by Professor Dan Levinthal

Participants of this year’s Emerging Scholars Workshop

This is a guest post by Professor Dan Levinthal, organizer of Emerging Scholars Workshop 2013.

The Mack Institute, with support from the Kauffman Foundation, has just held the second Emerging Scholars Workshop. This is an exciting new program that brings together 20 outstanding doctoral students from leading programs (INSEAD, Harvard, NYU, Michigan, MIT, Columbia—and yes, of course, Wharton) with a number of leading academics in business strategy whose work focuses on questions of firm and industry evolution in the context of emerging technologies.

The workshop comprised an intense (and exhausting) week of advanced seminars led by faculty experts and small group meetings with students to explore their specific research and career interests. Below are reactions from some of the participants:

“I just wanted to relay my sincerest thanks to you for hosting the Emerging Scholars Workshop last week and inviting me to such an inspiring, engaging learning event. It was one of the greatest epoch moments of my PhD study.”

“I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the inspiring workshop. My work on organizational adaptation is now permeated by the key insights from the workshop, as will for sure be my entire dissertation.”

“Thank you for inviting me to the evolutionary perspective workshop and thank you for creating this opportunity for young scholars like myself. I returned exhilarated! I think it is so rare to create such an opportunity for real scholarly knowledge building.”

To help continue to nurture this scholarly community that has been incubated in last year’s and this year’s workshops, we have formed an Emerging Scholars Workshop online community so that participants can continue to share their ideas and exchange work. We look forward to hosting the third Emerging Scholars Workshop next June.