Penn Innovation Ecosystem

Visualizing Innovation At Penn

Innovation at Penn springs from many sources. The people, places, and initiatives driving innovation across our 12 schools are connected in networks through which ideas and resources flow.

Here at Wharton, our faculty have produced path-breaking research into this theory of networked innovation; now the Mack Institute is applying that knowledge to our host university through an exploration of Penn’s own innovation ecosystem. The interactive tool below is our first step.

The PIE Visualization Interface

How To Use This Interactive Model

The chart below contains 70 nodes that each represent an epicenter of innovation at Penn (e.g. a school, an institute, a publication). The individual nodes are categorized into at least one of the following categories: Research & Development (R&D), TeachingOrganizer of innovation activities, Knowledge repository, and Media. 

Visualize the relationship between individual nodes by toggling on and off various settings (need a better explanation here)

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More information about the actions you can take

By default, the diagram shows the full network with all the nodes and relationships among them. You can always restore it by clicking “Reset Full Network.”

Filter: Exclude Some Information
It may not be helpful for your purposes to include the professional schools in a particular visualization. To explore a network without schools, click on “Exclude schools from network”.

Hover: Get More Information
To get information about an individual innovation node:
• hover over the node until an icon appears
• click on the weblink on the icon

Sources & Targets: See Relationship Between Two Specific Innovation Centers
To explore the network between specific sources and targets
• list them individually in the windows “Select Source Node(s)” and “Select Target Node(s)” using attached pull-down menus
•click “Generate”

Types: Explore Broad Categories
To explore the network between specific types of innovation nodes
• choose nodes by clicking on the corresponding buttons under “Select Source Type(s)” and “Select Target Type(s)”
• click “Generate”

Interactive Toolbar





Pan the plot by left-dragging a mouse or dragging a finger across the plot region.

Wheel Zoom

Zoom the plot in and out, centering on the current mouse location.


Click the left mouse button, or tapping with a finger to see the website of each node.
Group Icon

Point Draw Tool

Drag to move a node.
Save Icon


Save a PNG image of the plot.
Refresh Icon


Restore the plot ranges to their original values.
Feedback Icon


Hover on each node and see the Name, Number of ties, URL, and Categories of node.