The Future of Mobility:
Strategy, Technology, and Geopolitics

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Online conference
Organized by John Paul MacDuffie, Rahul Kapoor, and Harbir Singh

The ability to move people and goods easily is key for thriving in business and society today. The worldwide disruption caused by mobility restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic is stark proof.

At this conference, which will bring together industry professionals, researchers, and policy experts, we will explore current mobility challenges, such as the pandemic’s impact on ride-hailing and public transit, as well as opportunities. Indeed, the mobility sector itself is undergoing a noteworthy transformation amid technological advances that offers lessons applicable to leaders from all industries. For example:

● Recent auto and tech company partnership discussions shine light on issues that every leader looking to build a cross-sector collaboration must consider.
● Advances in vehicle connectivity point to how all firms can seize opportunities in data sharing and artificial intelligence (AI).
● China and U.S. policy on technology and electric vehicles (EVs) highlights geopolitical issues that affect business around the world.
● Headline-making chip shortages impacting automakers expose the fragility of supply chains that every sector must address.

Join us to hear about mobility trends that will shape the coming decades — and to gain insight on innovative strategies for global competitiveness and collaboration, rethinking supply chains, leveraging data and AI, and navigating government regulation.