Individualized Major in Innovation Management

Interest has been growing in innovation management as a field of study and as a career path. We have seen a rising number of MBA students who wish to create an individualized major around this topic, rather than pursuing a standard major at Wharton.

To provide guidance to students who wish to create a coherent set of courses to pursue such an individualized major, the Mack Institute has compiled a list of courses that we believe have a good fit with the topic or innovation management. Interested students should refer to the MBA program office’s guidelines around individualized majors. Students looking for a faculty sponsor should feel free to contact the Mack Institute directly.

Recommended Courses

  • MGMT 892: Collaborative Innovation Program (1 cu)
  • ISP Case Study/Research Assistance Related to Innovation Management
  • FNCE 750: Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation (1 cu)
  • HCMG 866: eHealth: Business Models and Impact (1 cu)
  • OIDD 613: Information and Information-Based Strategy: Learning from History, Experience, and Economics (0.5 cu)
  • OIDD 614: Innovation (0.5 cu)
  • OIDD 651: Innovation, Problem Solving, and Design (0.5 cu)
  • OIDD 652: Design and Development of Web-Based Products (0.5 cu)
  • OIDD 662: Enabling Technologies (1 cu)
  • MGMT 712: Managing Strategic Partnerships (0.5 cu)
  • MGMT 721: Corporate Development: Mergers and Acquisitions (1 cu)
  • MGMT 731: Technology Strategy (0.5 cu)
  • MGMT 802: Change, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (0.5 cu)
  • MKTG 721: New Product Management (0.5 cu)
  • MKTG 734: Idea Generation and the Systematic Approach for Creativity (0.5 cu)
  • IPD 509: Needfinding (1 cu)
  • IPD 515: Product Design (1 cu)
  • IPD 525: Ergonomics/Human Factors in Product Design (1 cu)
  • BE 502: From Biomedical Science to the Marketplace (1 cu)
  • EAS 590: Commercializing Software: Web Lean Launchpad (1 cu)