Spring Conference 2022

Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) As Driver of Innovation and Value

Thursday, May 5, 2022 – All times ET
The Wharton School, Philadelphia
Organized by Harbir Singh and Joe Nebistinsky

Business leaders and corporations today have turned their attention to a range of issues much beyond profit: investments and innovations related to environment, social factors and governance (ESG).  As firms strive to contribute positively to the environment, enhance governance practices and address social causes, they have also worked towards ESG compliance from a reporting perspective. A debate has naturally arisen over which practices are merely popular or easy to adopt, and which actually make progress towards ESG goals.   

Yet it’s clearer than ever that “business as usual” will not suffice in the race to the green future. Firms from top financial institutions to home goods giant IKEA have made ESG a major priority. In this conference we will explore how firms innovate to help achieve their goals in the ESG domain. Many of the most visible institutions and corporations have worked in earnest on issues related to environment and sustainability.  We will examine best practices in this domain, as well as the challenges that need to be addressed to achieve better outcomes. We will also explore tradeoffs made to select the most impactful initiatives from the possible range of alternatives. 

We have invited a broad range of speakers from across the ESG space. Topics will include:  

  • Green technology, innovation and renewables (renewable energy, water quality and conservation, sustainable transportation, green building, energy efficiency, clean technology)  
  • The Race to Net Zero, the development of circular economies and the UN’s 500 Billion Environmental Finance Goal 
  • Measuring and analyzing data for mitigating risks related to climate change, global conflict, and natural disasters  
  • Governance and decision making: structure and oversight, code and values, transparency and reporting, and cyber risk & systems management