Saikat Chaudhuri on US Airways-American Airlines Merger Deadlock

Saikat Chaudhuri

A recent Philadelphia Inquirer article cites Mack Institute Executive Director Saikat Chaudhuri as an authority regarding the mounting pressure on the U.S. Justice Department to approve the US Airways-American Airlines merger. In the article, Chaudhuri compares the circumstances surrounding this ongoing antitrust case with those of a similar contested acquisition from January.Read More

Saikat Chaudhuri Cited in LiveMint and the Wall Street Journal

Saikat Chaudhuri

Mack Institute Executive Director Saikat Chaudhuri was cited in a recent LiveMint and the Wall Street Journal article that described a recent deal made in the Indian aviation market. Chaudhuri provided additional insight regarding Tata Sons’ simultaneous investments in two varying business models while expressing his viewpoint that Air India would benefitRead More

Karl Ulrich and Christian Terwiesch in Bloomberg Businessweek

Innovation Tournaments

The Mack Institute is proud to announce that Bloomberg Businessweek published an article with core team members and Wharton professors Karl Ulrich and Christian Terwiesch. The article, which discussed innovation in MBA orientation programs, cited the professors’ book, Innovation Tournaments: Creating and Selecting Exceptional Opportunities as a new program for first-year MBARead More

How to Drive Value Your Way: John Paul MacDuffie in Harvard Business Review


John Paul MacDuffie, Director of the Program on Vehicle and Mobility Innovation (PVMI) at the Mack Institute, recently co-authored a Harvard Business Review article titled “How to Drive Value Your Way” with London Business School faculty member Michael G. Jacobides. In this blog post, the authors share a preview ofRead More

Paul Schoemaker Interviewed for Gordon Institute of Business Science

Paul Shoemaker

Mack Institute Research Director Paul Schoemaker was recently interviewed by the Gordon Institute of Business Science. In the interview, he speaks broadly about strategic leadership in business. He explains how learning experiences from failure are essential, and elaborates on building strengths in leadership and his book, Brilliant Mistakes: Finding SuccessRead More

George Day Featured in the European Business Review

Innovation Prowess featured in European Business Review

George Day is featured in the May/June edition of The European Business Review in an article titled “The 3 C’s of Growth Leadership: Culture, Capabilities, and Configuration.” Professor Day’s article provides insight on how companies can increase their potential for innovation by attending to the three C’s: culture, capabilities, and configuration. ReadRead More

Michael Mandel Discusses Mobile Broadband Regulatory Prospects for New FCC Head

Michael Mandel

Michael Mandel discusses the implications of the nomination of a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) head for domestic mobile broadband regulation in an article co-authored by Diana G. Carew. As Mandel and his co-author illustrate, the regulatory framework governing mobile broadband has gone undecided for several years. What is atRead More