The Impact of a User’s Network Attributes on Social Advertising

Kartik Hosanagar, Operations, Information, and Decisions Department, The Wharton School

Abstract: The past few years have witnessed an explosive growth in the popularity of social media websites. An attractive feature of social media websites is the rich social connections, making them an ideal place to generate word-of-mouth at low cost. In particular, information about a user’s interactions/engagement with content propagates to the users friends and followers and can spread virally from there. However, there is limited understanding of how users engage with social ads and how one user influences another user. Our proposed research seeks to explore how the network attributes of the sender and the recipient affect the diffusion of social advertising in networks. For example, are users with lots of followers the most impactful “senders” and are recipients following the most number of users most easily impacted? Are mutual ties most effective in the diffusion of social ads?